About Coach Peterson

Hello Baseball Fans,

I’m Coach Bill Peterson and I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for stopping by!

I want to share with you what I have learned about protecting pitching and throwing arms, backing my assertions and opinions objectively, guiding you to literature and sources that will help you make informed decisions about your son, your players and baseball. Then I want to teach you how to pitch and throw, differently, using the arm in an anatomically sound way.

I’ve done my homework and the players I produce speaks for itself. Seven pitchers I worked with have been drafted by MLB teams. I’ve produced collegiate pitchers who have thrown for roughly 30 colleges and universities, and I’ve coached teams and players who have won almost a dozen state championships. Plus, my entire pitching program was adopted by a leading NCAA D2 school. Make no mistake, these young men are the ones doing the hard work of training and competing. What’s unique is that I’ve done this without significant arm injury to a single student (including students I’ve rehabbed from Tommy John surgery).

Over the last fifteen years I’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into carefully investigating pitching mechanics. My pitching studies have encompassed anatomy, kinesiology, physics and biomechanics, elite mental skills training, and more. I’ve invested over 30,000 hours, both on and off the field. These studies have led me to understand the cause, frequency, and magnitude of pitching injuries, and have led to the genesis of a revolutionary program: RPM Pitching.™

I can shorten your learning curve in investigating pitching mechanics, offering you a Reader’s Digest condensed version. I also encourage you to do your homework. What you really need to understand is that the vast number of pitching elbow and shoulder injuries are unnecessary: there is a better way to throw and pitch. The solutions I’ve discovered make it possible to throw a wider variety of pitches that spin faster, attacking both sides of the plate in a way we’ve never conceived of. It also makes it possible to throw with high intensity, high velocity, every single day. Seeing is believing, and I’m here to prove it.

While I do not claim to know everything about this business of pitching and throwing, at this point I can objectively say I know more than most. I’m certain there are more discoveries to make and I hope you will choose to join me in this pursuit. Whether you want to teach your son to pitch, or send your son to someone who can, you need to know about RPM Pitching.™

–Coach Bill Peterson, President, RPM Pitching

—email: [email protected]

—cell: 303.594.8763