No Pain & Great Gains: The Pitching Breakthrough That Protects Arms.

FREE TWO-HOUR VIDEO ON PITCHING INJURIES AND SAVING ARMS. Don’t throw another pitch until you’ve watched this video—the most important two hours you’ll ever invest in baseball. This video reveals a groundbreaking pitching breakthrough that can eliminate pitching pain and arm injuries while maximizing velocity and performance. Discover the exciting system built from over 30,000 […]

Stopping Baseball’s Arm Injury Epidemic

The secret to reversing baseball’s arm injury epidemic lies in making changes to mechanics as they are currently taught. It’s sad, but true, many coaches are unknowingly teaching techniques that lead directly to injury. If you’re a parent you want to know how to protect your son. If you’re a player and are living with […]

Is Weighted Baseball Training Dangerous For Pitchers?

Weighted ball training for pitchers is one of the hottest, most controversial—and misunderstood—topics in baseball circles today. I’m writing this article because I know a great deal about weighted ball training and I’m very concerned about its potential, in the wrong hands, to wreck arms. However, my conclusions may surprise you. If you pitch or […]

It’s Time To End Baseball’s Arm Injury Epidemic

I’m sick inside, watching the continuing parade of immensely talented pitchers wreck their elbows and shoulders. I’m sick of attending youth tournament games and watching young players with arms hanging in pain. And I’m tired of hearing pitching injuries described as if they’re some kind of accident. Pitching injuries are predictable, not accidental, and they […]

Will Pitch Counts Really Protect Arms?

I’ll open this can of worms by saying that when it comes to pitch counts, you’re being sold proverbial swamp land in Florida. It’s tragic because most of the baseball community is buying it and it comes at a cost of false hopes, a false sense of security, and continuing trauma that wrecks arms, destroys […]

For The Love Of Young Men…

I’m sick and tired of watching pitchers blow up elbows and shoulders. I’m tired of watching youngsters stand on the mound shaking their arm because of pain, only to have coaches and adults ignore it or tell them they need to toughen up. Make no mistake, I want pitchers and baseball players to be as […]

Why Are You Here?

Each time I start with a new pitcher or group of pitchers in a clinic setting (including sessions for college pitchers), I always begin with the question, “Why are you here?” My question is often met with blank stares. Most players, after some thought, offer the opinion that they want to learn to pitch, to […]

Saving Pitchers’ Elbows

Learn what ‘good mechanics’ really look like (if you want to avoid Tommy John surgery). We hear the phrase ‘good mechanics’ all the time in the baseball community. Here’s a look at what ‘good mechanics’ actually looks like if you want healthy elbows. (I suggest you review this post on ‘bad mechanics’ before watching the […]

Trust, Commitment, and Connection

Without trust and commitment it's easy to destroy connection.

To build strong teams and be strong individuals we must build high level trust by living up to our commitments. However, I think the bigger goal is building deepening connections: people are wired to connect. On the field, teammates (and coaches) need to have each others’ backs. We don’t need to be best buddies with […]

Baseball Coaching Robbery

Maybe it's time to fire your pitching instructor or online guru

I recently received an email from someone who portrays himself as a pitching guru. One suggestion he offered was to take video of your son’s pitching lesson, and at the end of the session go back and look for mechanical differences in the delivery when the result is good or poor, and observe the coaches’ […]