Revolutionary instruction for players and coaches.

Coach Bill Peterson is available to lead pitching and coaching clinics in your area. My largest coaching clinic, to date, was held in Connecticut, with more than 200 coaches in attendance. (See below for a testimonial from the clinic’s organizer!) Watch the video below to learn more.

Clinics typically run about three days and usually start on a Friday night. Coach Peterson kicks off the first night with a detailed Keynote Presentation on pitching injuries and how to prevent them. Parents and coaches are encouraged to attend!

We will be taking high speed (slow motion) video of all participants. Personal copies of these files are available for a small fee. After filming we will be breaking down into small groups to evaluate mechanics and start the journey of learning revolutionary changes to pitching mechanics that can protect your throwing elbow and shoulder.

Participants attend at least four throwing sessions split between Saturday and Sunday, and will want to attend an advanced mental skills training session on Saturday evening.

Players leave the camp with very specific mechanical skills to work on and training regimens to incorporate into their programs.

“I was happy to have Bill Peterson and Pat Howe at our annual coaches’ clinic. For the second time in 30 years Bill had me throwing pain-free – the first time was when I met him in Florida a year or so ago.

I never felt comfortable with the way in which I taught pitching and was able to get my boys through their baseball careers injury free, but I attribute it to caution and limited use more than technique.

My search for an injury-free method began about five years ago and that search led me to Marshall and others. The problem I had was how to relate what they were doing to young students. Searching for a better understanding of what current “non-conventional” pitching instructors offered I sought local help and showed the non-traditional methods to local orthopedists (specializing in sports injuries), CSCS’s and PT’s – I came away more frustrated and confused as they felt the “non-traditional” work-outs were injurious.

It wasn’t until I started talking to Bill that things began to make sense, especially as it applies to youngsters. I tried working with others, but the continued brow beating I received and the need to throw around terms the average coach would not understand made the journey impossible. Bill makes the journey to learn pleasurable and his methods understandable. Most of the 200 or so coaches that attended our clinic agreed.

The greatest lesson I am learning here is for all of us to keep talking and test what we think we know. He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn!”

Joe Lindley