Here is a small sample of the testimonials and referral letters I have received over the years. It’s a great pleasure to know and love these students, their families, and my colleagues. You might guess that many of these young men are more like sons to me than just students.

…Coach Bill Peterson

Bill Peterson is the horse whisperer for aspiring pitchers. He teaches revolutionary pitching mechanics combined with Zen-like mental awareness to transform talented athletes into complete pitchers and human beings.
Bill builds on nearly 30,000 hours of research into body mechanics, anatomy and physiology…underpinnings of throwing a baseball. His technique improves both pitch velocity and accuracy, while proving to reduce the incidence of sore arms and injuries from overuse.
Bill has studied pitching motions and can accurately predict the likelihood of a given pitcher having to face Tommy John surgery. He is emphatic that these types of injuries can be prevented by modifying pitching mechanics, which delivers a dual bonus: less injury and higher velocity.
I highly recommend Bill to aspiring pitchers who are committed to mastering their talent and seek to dominate at whatever level they compete. Once major leaguers adopt Bill’s revolutionary approach, the 100 mph pitcher will become ordinary and Tommy John surgeries will become an artifact of the past.

…Richard Lear

Before the spring of my junior year of high school I was sidelined by an arm injury that caused me to miss the whole spring and summer. In the fall I began to work with Bill and it changed my life.

I quickly went from barley being able to throw 80 mph to sitting 86-88. By January I was up to 90 and my senior season of high school was about to begin. By the end of my season I had topped at 91, led 5A baseball in strikeouts with 98 in 64 innings, with a 1.98 ERA. All without arm pain.

The only thing that held me back was league regulated pitch counts.

Eventually in my freshman season of college ball I sat 91-93, touching 94. I went 7-1 and threw 70 innings with a 3.85 ERA and earned freshman of the year honors in the RMAC. All of these things would never have been possible if It wasn’t for the things Bill has done for me.

Working with Bill has changed my life and opened doors for me that I never thought would be possible. I am so grateful for everything that he has done in my life and truly believe that he knows more about pitching and mechanics than anyone in the world.

…Andrew Morris

Coach Bill Peterson is so far ahead of his time, this is a must see and will change pitching and throwing mechanics in a huge way!

…Dr. Jeff Bruno

My 12 year son has been blessed with a unique opportunity in accessing Coach Peterson’s huge fund of knowledge at an early age. The benefit cannot be over emphasized. Bill has an extreme passion and drive regarding the subject and is a natural teacher and great mentor. Anyone who takes the opportunity to access his knowledge will not be disappointed.

…Dr. David Wageman

“I have only worked with Bill for a few months, but in that short period he has completely changed how I view pitching. I am a senior at Colorado School of Mines (a D2 engineering school near Denver) and I came in as an outfielder. I wasn’t getting the amount of playing time I wanted so I turned to pitching.

Unfortunately, soon after that I partially tore my labrum. Arm problems were always the reason I disliked pitching, but Bill has totally changed that. Within only a few weeks I have completely gotten rid of all shoulder pain and I can throw for much longer without any pain. Last year I would typically throw bullpens of a max of 40 pitches before my arm would feel like it was falling off. Last week I threw a 130 pitch bullpen and lifted the next day.

His stuff works, you just have to put in the work. Pitching does not need to be a motion that tears down the body if you take the time to learn to throw correctly.”

…Drew Burman

Note: Drew was awarded Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) Pitcher of the Week during the 2018 season.

Bill Peterson is a dynamic person and has the background that is essential in dissecting the many moving parts of the body that add up to the pitching motion.
What Bill has developed is crucial to the cause of injury prevention and consistency in the pitching motion to maximize the athletes performance levels.
Bill is a great person who cares about the future of baseball and the future of which many young athletes have chosen to take on. His methods work and are very consistent with safe pitching techniques, yet optimizing performance.
RPM Pitching is the place to be to learn how to throw the baseball and also learn how to approach the game mentally as well.
I recommend Bill Peterson for instruction on pitching mechanics and other baseball philosophies.

…John D’Acquisto
MLB Pitcher, retired

My wife and I wish to highly recommend Coach Bill Peterson’s RPM Pitching Program to ALL Baseball parents, coaches, and administrators. We believe that Coach Peterson’s pitching discoveries hold “The Answer” to baseball’s most prominent problem: pitching injuries and chronic pain.

I possess a Kinesiology and Physiology degree, along with 30 years experience as a Certified Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Specialist. My wife and I have 50+ years of combined NCAA Division 1 athletic, coaching and admin experience, at programs ranging from Washington State University, Eastern Washington University, University of Arizona, University of Memphis, and University of Wyoming. I was privileged to be the strength coach for WSU’s legendary Coach Bobo Brayton and I am certain Coach Brayton would have gleaned everything from Coach Bill that he could.

Our two oldest sons have worked with Coach Bill since 2014. Our 18yr old, Wes, is beginning his second season in the starting rotation at one of the finest USA college preparatory academies, Briarcrest Christian High School in East Memphis, TN. As Wes embraced Coach Peterson’s teachings he blossomed into an amazing, pain free right-handed pitcher.

Under Coach Bill’s tutelage Wes has excelled against some of the highest ranked high school and travel team programs in the country without even a single day of pain, and absolutely zero injuries. His accomplishments include victories over the best travel teams from New York, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. This fall he struck out 11 of 15 batters he faced in a top ranked Division 1 Invitational Showcase.

Younger son Jace isn’t far behind his big brother. There is no better feeling as a parent than to see your son walk off the mound, time and time again, after a 90-100 pitch outing, “Completely Pain Free and Victorious.”

The truly remarkable mystery to me is that professional coaches, NCAA coaches, MLB management and players, and more, spend thousands of hours and billions of dollars a year to put products on the field that are constantly marred by injuries to its stars. When will baseball’s stewards pursue anatomically correct pitching mechanics? Baseball is losing hundreds of millions of $$$ to injuries and has everything to gain by embracing change.

Coach Peterson has the solution. Will ESPN or MLB TV listen and spread the word?

Trust Coach Bill Peterson and his RPM program. He is an amazing teacher, human being, and researcher. We predict he will be at the forefront of solving the pitching injury puzzle once and for all. God has given him a gift and mission. We hope the wonderful world of baseball will listen.

…Lee and Carrie Yerty
NCAA Coaches (PacTen, Big Sky, American Athletic Conference, Mountain West Conference, and Conference USA)


First off, Bill’s the real deal. His claims might sound unbelievable or too good to be true, but TRUST him. I’ve been coaching pitching for about 11 years and have had a lot of success at both the high school and college levels. I’ve always strived to keep my guys healthy and I’ve never had a major arm injury under my watch.

That was important for me, and still is, because I battled arm problems throughout high school and college. I ended up having Tommy John surgery after my junior year in college and then tore my labrum towards the end of the Tommy John rehab. At that point, I was so frustrated and hopeless that I just hung up my cleats and focused on school.

I switched my major from Sports Management to Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) with the goal being that I would figure out how to make sure no one I ever coached had to go through what I had gone through. I graduated with a degree in Athletic Training and became a Certified Athletic Trainer.

After being an ATC for a while, I switched my focus back to coaching and was fortunate enough to get a volunteer coaching position at the college level. I immediately started applying my sports medicine knowledge to creating an all-encompassing development program for the pitching staff. I attended clinics, purchased programs, and read as much as possible from other coaches that were working on the same issues. Going into my 2nd season I was pretty sure that I had the best program out there and our on-field results backed that belief up!

Fast forward two years. I’ve gotten married and have begun talking about starting a family. The amount time, energy, and money I committed to baseball needed to shift towards my family. I stopped coaching at the college level but volunteered at a local high school here and there to just stay active in the game while I planned to launch a baseball academy geared towards ensuring the health of pitchers.

As I neared the launch of my academy and our first pitching program, I reached out to a well-respected, former Division 1 strength and conditioning coach about running that aspect of my program. This was when I was introduced to Bill Peterson. I was told that Bill had figured out how to take virtually all the stress out of throwing. “Yeah, sure he has,” were my thoughts, but being curious I called Bill.

Fifteen minutes into an almost two-hour long conversation I knew Bill was probably right. Bill sent some preliminary instruction and video to sort of test out. Now, remember, my arm is a mess and even using my own program I could barely throw batting practice I was in so much pain.

About a week into messing with some of Bill’s ideas I was able to throw batting practice 4 days in a row and even threw near full out to a group of catchers working on receiving. My arm was very tired at the end of the day but IT DIDN’T HURT!

I knew that I had to learn everything Bill had figured out and knew I would probably go crazy if I didn’t start that process immediately. Long story short I made arrangements to work directly with Bill and flew to Colorado to spend four days with him.

Now, I’m almost 30 years old, 5’9” and weigh 240 pounds. I’m so out of shape it’s sad and I haven’t thrown anything in basically a month. DAY 1 Bill has me throwing a 2 pound ball basically as hard I possibly can! TWO POUNDS (32 ounces) is about six times the weight of a regular baseball. We spent next several days going over different drills and becoming increasingly efficient with the drills. By the end of my time with Bill I had thrown a 2-pound ball as hard as I possibly could, every single day, and my arm never hurt!!

Again, I know this sounds too good to be true. You may be thinking I’m sensationalizing my experience, but I am not. If anything I’ve actually done the opposite. I am excited about implementing Bill’s program with my students and doing the program myself.

If an older, terribly out of shape, fat guy can have these  results – just think what Bill’s methods can do for the game of baseball. If you’re having arm pain, want to avoid arm pain, or just improve your ability then you MUST talk with Bill!

Kaleb Heffner
Velocity Farm Baseball

Note: Coach Heffner tells me that after implementing my program this fall, every one of his students who was battling pain is now healthy, and the average velocity gain was 5.4MPH in the first four weeks!

“Coach Bill has worked with my son Tyler now for 5 years now, he is 15 and his velocity and off speed pitches are amazing for his age with great mechanics and he is dominating against other teams. He has never had any arm issues.

We are truly blessed to have such a great mentor, and coach in Coach Bill Peterson. We look forward to many more years with him.

Thanks coach for all your time and work!”

…Steve Oppie

Coach Bill has worked with two of my sons! He is an amazing teacher and his knowledge on the mechanics of pitching is truly unbelievable. Both my sons have healthy arms and are throwing with good speed. My oldest is actively being recruited at the D-1 level and the middle one is on track for the same success.

We have truly been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Bill, and my husband and I are so grateful for all he has taught our children about pitching and life! He is truly a wonderful teacher and Godly man! Go and learn all you can!

…Carrie Yerty

“Coach Peterson has been working with our 11 year old son for 2 years now. Our son didn’t have arm problems when we first started seeing Coach Peterson and the main reason we started with Coach was to help prevent an arm injury in the future.

To that end, our son this year threw at least one 100 pitch bullpen every week leading up to and throughout his baseball season while pitching every weekend during the season. He threw nearly 300 more pitches than the next closest pitcher and never once had a sore arm while nearly every other pitcher experienced some sort of mild soreness after roughly 50 pitches.

Not only do we not have arm issues, the technique and mechanics that Coach Peterson teaches allows for players to add pitches to their arsenal that I otherwise would not recommend or consider having a young pitcher throw until far later in their development.

If you want to get out from under teaching the same old techniques that will likely cause injury at some point and do what you can to protect your players from injury, I highly recommend attending this session to explore to possibility of pain free pitching at a high velocity and with wicked multi pitch arsenals.”

…Kevin Crannel

As a student of Coach Peterson, I’ve benefited in a multitude of ways from the mechanical adjustments that have been made. My arm doesn’t hurt, and I’ve most certainly gained velocity.

I would certainly hope for as many people as possible to understand the bodily movements of pitching in baseball, and comprehending how to pitch/throw with more kinetic efficiency, while protecting from injury.

…Cade Walker

“Bill’s RPM Pitching Method is innovative pitching at a professional level. Learning RPM, the pitcher will be able to throw daily with a very low risk of injury, while learning six quality pitches for his repertoire. A pitcher who is serious about his career must learn the RPM Pitching Method!

The eight pitchers I managed on my summer college baseball club all developed dominating breaking and fastball pitches using RPM concepts, and knew pitch sequences to use to get hitters OUT!”

…Tony Panasuk, Denver MSBL Past President

The program that Coach Bill teaches is simply amazing. Our son, Blake, was 13 when he first went to see Bill and was suffering from shoulder pain and elbow pain after pitching and catching. After just one lesson, Bill’s method was able to correct his arm slot and completely eliminated his pain while increasing his accuracy and velocity. He enjoys pitching so much more now that the pain is gone. The program, along with Bill’s coaching, has increased his confidence and has strengthened his mental aspect of being on the mound. We are forever thankful!

The Naranjo family

“My name is Jake Griffith and I have known Coach Peterson for about 6 years now. Not only has he made me a better pitcher and added a level of confidence that I never knew I had, he has taught me how to be a man as well. I have played and learned from many coaches over the years and Coach Peterson is one of the few that cares about the whole man instead of just the baseball player inside of the man. For this, Coach will forever be a person that I can rely on, both as a coach and as a friend.

I have been playing baseball ever since I could remember and feel in love with it right away. Always being the smallest kid on the team, I never could do things that most could do like hit the ball far and throw the ball hard. This didn’t affect me much until I got to high school. I was only throwing about 72 MPH and constantly dealing with arm problems, problems that made me not want to play the game I love. I was in a very dark place, felt like I could do nothing more in this game and debating giving it up.

My dad actually heard about Coach Peterson and I decided to give the game one last chance. I will never forget the day we met; not only did I know that I was going to be a better pitcher, I knew he was going to make me a better man.

After working with Coach for about 2 years, I gained 14 MPH on my fastball, developed a nasty breaking ball, and finally gained a level of confidence that I never knew I had. But, the most important thing to me about working with Coach Peterson is that I have never had arm pain since the day I started working with him.

Plus, he goes over the game with you and teaches you how to be in a game like situation and how to handle each at bat on the mound. Then, when all the work is done, he spends time with each one of his players and asks them about their life and is always there to listen. I know that I could go to Coach for anything and he will always be there to help me with what I am going through.

Seems crazy that a kid could go from debating to give up the game to almost finishing up 4 years at Regis University. And not only did I receive a scholarship to play the game, I am in line to be able to coach at the college level the game I love so much. And all of this is thanks to Coach, I could not have done it without him.

Throwing with no arm pain ever is one of the best feelings in the world and I am just so thankful that I was able to learn from a coach like Coach Peterson. I know that I can go to him with anything and he will always be there, and this goes for all of his players. Not only is he the most caring person I have ever met, he is one of the best coaches I have ever met and he knows what he is talking about.

Some people may think he is crazy, but you are crazy if you do not buy into what he is talking about.”

…Jake Griffith

I was happy to have Bill Peterson and Pat Howe at our annual coaches’ clinic. For the second time in 30 years Bill had me throwing pain-free – the first time was when I met him in Florida a year or so ago.

I never felt comfortable with the way in which I taught pitching and was able to get my boys through their baseball careers injury free, but I attribute it to caution and limited use more than technique.

My search for an injury-free method began about five years ago and that search led me to Marshall and others. The problem I had was how to relate what they were doing to young students. Searching for a better understanding of what current “non-conventional” pitching instructors offered I sought local help and showed the non-traditional methods to local orthopedists (specializing in sports injuries), CSCS’s and PT’s – I came away more frustrated and confused as they felt the “non-traditional” work-outs were injurious.

It wasn’t until I started talking to Bill that things began to make sense, especially as it applies to youngsters. I tried working with others, but the continued brow beating I received and the need to throw around terms the average coach would not understand made the journey impossible.

Bill makes the journey to learn pleasurable and his methods understandable. Most of the 200 or so coaches that attended our clinic agreed.

The greatest lesson I am learning here is for all of us to keep talking and test what we think we know.

…Joe Lindley
“He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn!”

“In 30+ years enjoying the game of baseball as a collegiate player, as a high school coach, an owner/coach of a U 16 and under travel ball team, and as a personal trainer I have had the opportunity to work with some great baseball minds and some of the top players and coaches of their times. But none have had a bigger more beneficial impact on my life both on and off the field as Coach Bill Peterson.

I have seen firsthand the impact that working with Coach Bill has had on numerous ball players and the results are astounding. For players, you will get better, much better and you will learn how to dominate baseball physically and mentally.

For parents we want the best for our children as players and as people, and this is what Coach Bill brings out in everyone I have seen him work with.

For coaches, I cannot recommend this more! Our responsibility as coaches is to bring all of our athletes to their fullest potential in a healthy environment. Point blank, today’s pitching mechanics are broken and lead to arm issues (this is my Personal Trainer side speaking out). Anatomically, Coach Bill is as good as I have ever seen when it comes to strengthening and protecting arms. As coaches we need to step out of our comfort zones and keep growing right along with our players, this is your opportunity to take yourself and your entire system up to the next level.

Do it, you will not regret it.”

…Sean O’Neil

We’ve been working with Coach Bill for 5 years, and neither one of my boys have had any arm issues, (not even any arm pain or irritation) and both throw gas and multiple pitches, like their 12-6 curveball that never torques their elbow! Prevent injury and increase velocity the right way with Coach Bill!

…Matt Walker

“I would not have been able to accomplish everything I have in baseball, and in life, if it was not for Bill Peterson. His coaching and mentorship helped shape me into a better pitcher and a better person.

I started working with Bill after my first year of college as a scrawny, underdeveloped 18 year old who wanted to improve on the mound. After working with Bill for a summer, I was able to make the Varsity baseball team as a young sophomore.
However, while home on a break, I realized that Bill was more than a coach to me. He was also someone that cared about me off the field. After three semesters of doing pretty well in school, Coach challenged me, telling me he knew I could do better. He helped me set goals for myself. Because of this, it helped me to work harder in the classroom and I made the Dean’s List my last five semesters of college, while earning a double major in four years, and was an NAIA Scholar Athlete my junior and senior years (this is the equivalent of an Academic All-American).

After pitching only three relief innings my sophomore season, and 21.2 innings as a starter and reliever with limited success my junior season, I knew I needed to intensify my training on the field as well. I started working with Bill more frequently and we started seeing my mechanics smooth out, as well as my velocity, pitch movement, and stamina increase. I was all set to dominate by the time my senior season came around when I had a health scare. I began passing out unexpectedly and after going to the Emergency Room, it turned out that my heart was actually stopping and I was “flatlining.” I had a pacemaker put in on Christmas Day, 2013.

After a month of riding a stationary bike as my only form of exercise or training, I was cleared to throw again and was back pitching in games by the second series of the season. After early struggles, I was able to get back to full strength and put together a great senior season, going 4-1 with a sub-3 ERA and leading the conference in innings and strikeouts. In addition, I was honored on the All-Conference and All-Nebraska teams.

I decided to end my baseball career post-graduation, and got an internship with the Visalia Rawhide, the Advanced-A for the Arizona Diamondbacks. After a couple weeks, I gave Bill a call and said, “Coach, I’m not happy here. I’m better than these guys and it’s killing me.” He advised me to finish out the summer internship and that we’d get to work. And that’s exactly what I did.

I ended up hooking on with the Trinidad Triggers of the Independent Pecos League and started training like I never had before. Coach helped me get my velocity to top at 93 mph, and I had two successful seasons as a starter for the Triggers. I even ended up making the All-Star team in my second season. I enjoyed two of the best years of my life playing out my childhood dream, being a professional baseball player.

Over the past six years, Bill has been an integral part of my development as a pitcher, and as a person. I don’t only think of him as a coach and as a mentor. I think of him as a family member to me. I would not be able to thank him enough for everything he has done for me on and off the field.

His methods work, he is brilliant, he has a huge heart, and I am lucky to have him in my life.”

…Christian Schneider

I met Bill Peterson 10 years ago at a pitching seminar we attended. We both shared a vision where we could teach pitching injury free and to improve velocities of the average and special pitcher, and Bill impressed me with his demeanor and attention to detail.

Over the years Bill and I have worked together with my students. Of course we both have hi-speed cameras, so we could communicate back and forth about our students and their motions. I was lucky to have some very gifted athletes that I worked with and we were able not only to improve them, but to study their successes and motion that benefited them.

In one case, I had a 6’1” pitcher that could throw in the mid 80’s and had some serious control issues. I was told by other coaches to give up on this young man because he would not listen to instruction. The thing about this high school student is that when the ball came at you, it was scary fast the way it came out of his hand. Through the study of this young man, we were able to help him attain a velocity of a consistent 98 mph. We were also able to attain this where the young man experienced no pain throughout his high school career and college play. This young man received a nice college scholarship after just one tryout.

In another case study, a high school sophomore came to me with the desire to end his elbow pain and throw faster. The radar revealed he threw a consistent 81-83 mph. Utilizing the techniques and modifications we developed, within a year this young man produced velocities over 90 mph by the end of his high school sophomore year, and pitched 2 final games of the Florida FHSAA state tournament in sequential sophomore and junior years.

Bill has shown the most incredible knowledge, patience and ability that is a rarity in this game. I heartily recommend him for any young athlete in training to be a baseball player.

…Allen Wilson

“My son, Matthew, has been pitching since 3rd grade. Since baseball was not my sport growing up, all of his early instruction came from Dads who coached his teams, with one or two visits from whatever former MLB pitcher turned youth pitching coach his team’s coaches thought might help their pitchers along the way. So, really, he had very little formal training. After his sophomore year in high school, throwing in the mid-70s, and still loving baseball and pitching, my wife and I decided to invest a little in his dream to pitch in college by finding a pitching coach. Give your kid a chance, right? That’s what parents do.

I began asking around for pitching coaches, looking for someone who knew what they were about, but also someone that Matthew would like and respect. I expected we would go through a few different guys, as Matthew thought a few of the former MLB pitching coaches that coached locally were not really for him. Bill Peterson and RPM Pitching came up as a recommendation, so I began asking around.According to several baseball acquaintances I have, Bill is best known for teaching the right mechanics to help kids avoid future arm problems, and to help overcome existing arm/shoulder issues. In fact, during my first telephone conversation with Bill, he asked me where Matthew’s arm hurt. He seemed a little surprised when I told him Matthew has never had arm or shoulder issues.

Our first meeting included high-speed video analysis, along with a very long discussion, well, more like an interview between Bill and Matthew in which I had a minor role. Matthew and I got to ask questions, as did Bill, although 90% of his questions were directed to, and answered by, Matthew. At the end, Bill chose to work with Matthew, and Matthew chose to work with Bill.

Today, 16 months later, Matthew’s mechanics have been totally revamped, his curveball is a strikeout pitch, he now has a slider that is nearly impossible to put a bat on, and his fastball velocity is more than 10MPH faster. Matthew can throw bullpens with an amazing number of pitches; he will be tired afterwards, but never has a sore arm, elbow or shoulder.

Matthew has had to learn to talk to college coaches, because they are now calling him. In fact, we have been invited to visit his current number one college choice next week, and I have no doubt that the recruiting calls will continue to come in until Matthew signs a letter of intent.

Matthew was on his way to being a serviceable high school pitcher before we met Bill. As important as it was for Bill to work with him on the mechanics of pitching, Bill exceeded expectations by spending a great deal of time working on the mental aspect of the game. Matthew expects to dominate each batter he faces, and has gotten some huge outs against some of the best high school players in the country. During the Summer season, through his first four innings, Matthew got 11 of the 12 outs through strikeouts. Are you kidding me? Dealing with success is relatively easy, but he has also learned to deal with adversity in a more positive way.

I have long believed that the best thing for a young man as he grows up is to have a positive male influence in his life, outside of his Dad. I was lucky enough to have had it, and I think Matthew will look back in 10 or 15 years and name Bill as that person in his life. I know Matthew likes Bill a lot, but also that he trusts and respects him.

As a Dad, what more could I ask for? I’ve made many decisions for Matthew as he progressed through youth baseball – what travel teams to play for, when to leave one and go with another, what high school to open enroll into, and so forth. In hindsight, I’ve questioned some of those choices and wondered if another choice would have been better for him. I do not question the decision to have Matthew work with Bill; in fact, it is one of the best things I could have done for my son. Bill will say that much of the credit should go to Matthew for his willingness to work hard, to listen, and to believe in himself. I agree, but I’d also say that Bill has paved Matthew’s road well, prepared him for the bumps and curves, and believes in him. I really think the trust and respect I wrote about earlier goes both ways.

To say I’m proud of Matthew is an understatement, and I also must say I’m proud to have him work with Bill. I’m also proud of Bill and the work he does, and highly recommend him to any pitcher. Work hard and work with Bill, it’s a recipe for success.

If, after reading this, you have questions you’d like to ask me, get in touch with Bill and ask him for my number. I’d be happy to tell you more about our experience with Bill Peterson and RPM Pitching.

…Steve Hoban

Note: Matthew has since signed to play college ball. After his first fall he’s near the top of the starting rotation as a freshman in a four-year school.


Parents – Please remember your catchers throw back every ball, and throw down to 2nd base as well! We tend to forget about our catchers, and this technique is amazing for them as well! My son could catch and pitch game after game with NO fatigue and NO need to ice afterwards. There was NO strain on the elbow or shoulder!!!

Bill is an amazingly patient coach who truly cares about the kids and the outcome of these lessons! As a mom, and former coaches wife, I highly recommend these lessons!!!

…Donda Gorton

“Working with Coach Peterson has been a joy—as well as transformational. I brought my son Zach to see Bill when he was 12. He had already begun experiencing arm pain. At 10 Zach was throwing close to 100 innings per year. After a couple of years of that, I became concerned for his long term health.

I had talked to several pitching coaches and “experts” before being introduced to Coach Peterson. After 5 minutes with Bill I knew he was different. The way he broke down the mechanics of throwing, and where injury occurs and how to avoid it, made so much sense—even to a novice. More than that, it was clear to me that Bill genuinely cared for my son’s health and success.

The next season Zach went from middle-of-the-road to dominant. He pitched more innings than anyone on his team and never even experienced soreness, let alone injury. That was 7 years ago and since then Zach has gone on to play 3 years of varsity baseball (including starting and winning the 4A state championship game) and has several college offers to continue at the next level. Most importantly he’s doing it all without arm pain!

Along the way Bill has become Zach’s most trusted and important coach. He not only instructs his students on proper pitching mechanics but Bill teaches them character and life lessons. Bill is also a wonderful mental skills coach and has taught Zach to be a complete baseball player, not just a pitcher.

I highly recommend Coach Peterson to any parent wanting the best health and performance for their son.”

…Brian Reid

Note: Zach has continued his success since this testimonial was written. In 2018 he won the 4A semi-final game, propelling his team into the state championship game where they ultimately won their third consecutive state championship. He has since signed with a top-ranked JUCO.


My son Tyler loves baseball, especially pitching, and centers almost everything he enjoys around the sport. Every day of the week Tyler is involved with baseball on some level; conditioning, volunteering, strategizing, practicing, or playing. When his arm started hurting after every game we knew we needed help. The individual we found wasn’t a pitching coach because it does not come close to describing all he has done, for not only Tyler, but our entire family.

Coach Peterson immediately took time to get to know Tyler, not just as a baseball player, but as a person who needed help from someone that truly cared about him on and off the field. Our first conversation with Coach Bill centered around trust, how trust is built, and how Tyler wouldn’t truly trust Coach until it was earned. Coach Bill helped Tyler learn how to set proper goals, discussed the distractions he would face as a young man growing up in today’s world, and made it clear he would be there for him. A foundation of trust was established with us and has continued to build every single time we see him. After the first lesson Tyler and I were confident we had found the best coach available. As Bill promised, Tyler’s arm stopped hurting after the first week of lessons, now several years ago.

The fundamental techniques we learned, which seem simple and obvious now, have improved Tyler’s pitching ability far beyond what we expected. On the mound, from foundation to foot strike, Coach has continued to teach him the keys to posture, breathing, load, lift, hand break, hard and soft focus, glove side, and timing. The nuances Coach sees, mastered over thousands of hours of study, make a huge difference and simply cannot be replaced with shortcuts. Bill’s methods have not only stopped any type of pain, but actually strengthens Tyler’s arm every time he throws. Coach’s overall field strategy has increased Tyler’s love for the game, overall skill, and execution at every position.

Coach Bill’s ability to listen to and connect with his students is exceptional. My wife and I found that this not only applied to Tyler, but soon he became a coach impacting our lives and careers as well. After every lesson, whoever goes with Tyler comes home with life lessons for our entire family, including our two daughters. Coach truly believes in purpose and has shown us how the game of baseball can build so much more in all of our lives.

…Rich & Tyler Schliep

“I met Bill my junior year fall after playing the summer with Monarch High School. I was coming off a summer season where I had just started pitching months before and was effective throwing only a fastball. Although I was effective, I sat out the second half of my summer season because of shoulder injuries I thought were never going to go away.

I had a teammate on my summer team named Andrew Morris. In case you don’t know, Andrew is the number 1 pitcher at Colorado Mesa College, a D2 program in the RMAC where Andrew won freshman of the year at only 17, throwing 94 and weighing no more than 150 pounds. Andrew previously had arm problems and recommended his pitching coach to me, Bill Peterson.

Playing college baseball was my dream and I had no backup plan. As any of my coaches will tell you this was not going to happen the way I was playing before Bill. I was called a liability on the field and told to not count on playing baseball in college. But I was determined and I believed I could play, so my mom and I set up a meeting with Bill before my fall tryouts for the Diamondbacks scout team.

Days before my tryout I went to see Bill. I was welcomed to his home with a smiling face, many stories, and a man that knew more than I could imagine. I threw a few pitches in the first meeting and my arm right away started to hurt. He had been filming and broke it down for my mom and me, and started to talk with us about how to fix my arm issues. He asked me if I cared about throwing harder to which I responded, “no, I just don’t want my arm to hurt.” Before I left that day Bill had said to me, “Until I can prove to you that I know what I’m talking about you have no reason to trust me.”

It took me seven weeks to gain 7 mph on my throw from the outfield, clocking in at 82 with my D-back scout team. The best part was I had no arm pain whatsoever! That winter off-season Bill had me throwing balls 1-3 pounds with ZERO pain at maximum intensity for hours a week. There was zero arm pain but great results. I trust Bill.

The following spring I committed to Ancilla Domini College, a small JUCO in Indiana. Before Bill I do not believe I would have been able to play college baseball. I was a long shot at best but, using Bills knowledge of the body and pitching, I was able to mentally become stronger and physically become dominant in every outlet of the game. I had been training with a personal trainer for two years who I told about Bill’s son being able to throw a 10lb shot put like a baseball. He referred to Bill as stupid. I refused to take this and gave him Bill’s contact information so coach can once again prove he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Bill is a very smart and humble man who I respect and look up to as if he is my own father. Bill knows what he is talking about and he can change baseball for everyone, helping kids throw harder with less arm pain and become better, stronger people. I believe Bill holds the keys to revamp baseball, making it fun for little leaguers and big leaguers who seem to have lost their love or just simply can’t throw because of pain.

Nick Santman

Note: Nick went on to have a great summer season after writing this, and is in his first year of JUCO ball. Summer 2019 stats: 60.2 innings, 42 hits, 2.84 ERA, 1.06 WHIP