Pitching Instruction That Wrecks Elbows

Hands down, the worst teaching cue for elbow health: "Get on top of the ball."

Until pitching instructors and coaches start teaching pitchers to break the hands differently there is ZERO chance of stopping elbow injuries. “Getting on top of the ball” or “breaking the hands thumbs down” leads directly to an inevitable chain of events that is wreaking havoc on elbows. And it’s leaving deep scars on the talent […]

Why Baseball Is Destroying Pitcher’s Elbows

The real reason behind Tommy John Surgery (and it’s not ‘overuse’). Understanding pitching elbow injuries isn’t really that tough. All you need to do is watch the clip below. Watch how the ball bounces downwards and backwards. Everything is in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Until you learn to make specific mechanical changes […]

Pain Equals Wisdom

Young Men Have Massive Value

It’s tragic that we have to equate pain and wisdom. I agree that many times the hardest fought lessons come with a measure of struggle and, yes, even pain. But those who learn from the mistakes of others show an added measure of wisdom. For coaches and parents, as we consider the true story related […]

Baseball’s Blame Game

It's time to stop pointing fingers and uncover real solutions.

Coaches blame players. Players blame coaches. Scouts blame coaches and coaches blame scouts. Fans blame coaches and managers and ownership groups, and then the media joins in the blame game and points fingers in every direction. Have we really considered that pitch counts are just one more way of assigning blame? Pitch counts won’t work. […]

RPM Pitching Clinics

Learn More About RPM Pitching Clinics With Coach Peterson

Coach Bill Peterson is available to lead pitching and coaching clinics in your area. My largest coaching clinic, to date, was held in Connecticut, with more than 200 coaches in attendance. (See below for a testimonial from the clinic’s organizer!) Watch the video below to learn more. Clinics typically run about three days and usually […]

How To Find A Great Pitching Instructor

Advice For Players and Parents

Finding a great pitching instructor presents challenges for parents and players. Coach Peterson gives you some practical suggestions about what to look for in a pitching coach along with questions to ask, and gives some guidance about knowing when to run the other direction. If you love baseball or a baseball player, please share my […]

Stopping Baseball’s Arm Injury Epidemic

The secret to reversing baseball’s arm injury epidemic lies in making changes to mechanics as they are currently taught. It’s sad, but true, many coaches are unknowingly teaching techniques that lead directly to injury. If you’re a parent you want to know how to protect your son. If you’re a player and are living with […]

The Problem With Pitching

Solutions, Not Problems

Years ago a brilliant man I worked for in a Fortune 500 company told me, “If you have a problem with something, start by bringing me a solution.” So, I’m going to describe a problem inside baseball and the solution I’ve already discovered. Baseball faces a massive problem with arm injuries to pitchers, at all […]

3,2,1… Launch!

Welcome to Coach Bill Peterson’s blog! I am adding groundbreaking content on preventing baseball pitching injuries, elite mental skills training, and more. Two or three times each week I will be writing on the truth about pitching as we currently know it, and discussing how the baseball community can put an end to the arm […]