3,2,1… Launch!

Welcome to Coach Bill Peterson’s blog! I am adding groundbreaking content on preventing baseball pitching injuries, elite mental skills training, and more. Two or three times each week I will be writing on the truth about pitching as we currently know it, and discussing how the baseball community can put an end to the arm injury epidemic. Tommy John surgery, Little League Elbow and Little League Shoulder can be a thing of the past.

I routinely ‘fix’ players who have arm problems. One recent student came to me with a horribly sore elbow, throwing 83-84mph. Less than a month later, with elbow pain completely gone, he hit 91mph in a college showcase. Eight months later he touched 94mph and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves. While not everyone can throw this hard, this quickly, I will share with you exactly what we did to get rid of his elbow pain and increase his velocity. The secret lies in making changes to mechanics as they are currently taught. It’s sad, but true, that most coaches today teach techniques that lead directly to injury.

If you are a parent you will want to know how to protect your son. If you’re a player and are living with pain I will show you how to experience pain-free pitching and throwing while making great gains. And if you’re a coach I will show you how to change your mindset and learn new techniques that will revolutionize the game for your team and players.

I am glad you have found me and I am looking forward to getting acquainted. Please share my writing with others in the baseball community. Together we can make a profound difference in the lives of baseball players.

If you love baseball or a baseball player, please share my blog.

Coach Bill Peterson