Baseball’s Blame Game

It's time to stop pointing fingers and uncover real solutions.

Coaches blame players. Players blame coaches. Scouts blame coaches and coaches blame scouts. Fans blame coaches and managers and ownership groups, and then the media joins in the blame game and points fingers in every direction.

Have we really considered that pitch counts are just one more way of assigning blame? Pitch counts won’t work. All you have to do is look at MLB relievers for the reason: their pitch counts are low and their workloads are light. If anyone shouldn’t be on the disabled list with a blown elbow or shoulder it’s the guys in the pen, yet they’re on the DL as often as starting pitchers.

It’s time for baseball’s blame game to stop, and for the baseball culture to learn the value of the real solutions to pitching injuries. The real solutions lie in making meaningful changes to pitching mechanics. And in the process we can discover how to discard baseball’s blame-rich environment and learn the value of being positive.

You’ll want to watch both videos below. At the end of the first video you’ll understand why!

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